On December 3rd, 2022, over 150 arrowman from Yerba Buena joined together in fellowship at the Alameda Elks Lodge to hold its second annual Lodge Awards Banquet. Attendees got to enjoy great food and connect with fellow Arrowman. In addition to the delicious meal, a raffle, silent auction, trading post, and swearing-in of 2023 officers took place. Highlights included auctioning of the 2022 officers as waiters and a Spotify wrap-style yearly wrap-up. Current Vice-Chief of Activations (and incoming Lodge Chief) Jessica Stevens headed this fantastic event!   

Adi Sriram accepting an award

The following Arrowman received awards and seven new Vigil Candidates were selected.  Congratulations to everyone!

LEC Participation Award:

Dennis Bleile, Liz Brandon, Nina Carbuccia, Aaron Carr-Elkaim, Aaron Christman, Richard Christman, Mark Clevenger, Lena Dempsey, Henri Elkaim, Mike Foresti, Mark Frey, Charles Hoffman, Laura Hoffman, Henry Johnson, Steve Kline, Wendy LaBerge, Craig Leighty, Michael McDowell, Hunter Miller, Ken Miller, Mike Otani, Eric Parnell, Steve Rodriguez, Eddie Sievers, Aditya Sriram, Ananya Sriram, Jessica Stevens, Brian, VanDerveer, Chase VanDerveer, Ashlyn Weber, Don Wilkinson

Elangomat Award:

  • Jessica Stevens (Wekemnayon Village)

  • Maxwell Fukutome (Royaneh Village)

  • Brayden Yee (Royaneh Village)

Village of Year Award:

  • Wekemnayon Village

James E West:

  • Jessica Stevens  (Wekemnayon Village)

  • Henry Johnson (Kchinkwehelak Village)

Arrowman of Year Award:

  • Ananya Sriram (Swegedaigea Village)

  • Jessica Stevens (Wekemnayon Village)

  • Chase VanDerveer (Kaweah Village)

  • Eric Parnell (Seunen Village)

  • Steve Kline (Wekemnayon Village)

Founders Award:

  • Henry Johnson (Kchinkwehelak Village)

  • Lena Dempsey (Wekemnayon Village)

 2022 Vigil Candidates:

  • Aaron Christman (Kaweah Village)

  • Chase VanDerveer (Kaweah Village)

  • Jason Cruz (Seunen Village)

  • Lena Dempsey (Wekemnayon Village)

  • Joey Cruz (Seunen Village)

  • Ken Miller (Sem Yeto Village)

  • Mark Frey (Wekemnayon Village)

  • Steven Bertetta (Wekemnayon Village)

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