Trading Post/Lodge Memorabilia

Yerba Buena Lodge offers both an in-person trading post and an online trading post where you can purchase Lodge branded items.  The in-person trading post is available at all Lodge events (Banquet, BBQ, Induction weekends) but not section events like conclave.  The online trading post is available for the most part all the time with the exception of when we are doing end of year inventory.  The online trading post does not sell heavy items like clothing as those must be purchased at an in-person event.  

IN-PERSON SALES (BBQ, Banquet, Inductions):

At the various Lodge events, you will be able to purchase a variety of Order of the Arrow items including lodge branded memorabilia like patches, neckerchiefs and Tshirts (see images below). 

Notes regarding the in-person sales:

  • All applicable sales tax is included in the cost of each item.


From here you will be able to purchase Lodge Flaps, neckerchief or other items that are listed.  To access the online Trading Post, Click Here or on the items below to browse the inventory selection. 

Notes regarding the online sales:

  • All items will be shipped via USPS.
  • Cost of shipping is included in the price of each item.
  • All applicable sales tax is included in the cost of each item.

Trading Post Questions:  [email protected]     

The following items can be purchased at the Lodge Trading Post at all “in-person events” (BBQ, Banquet, Inductions):

Lodge Flap

TShirt (S, M, L, XL,2X, 3X)

Lodge Neckerchief

Hat Pin

Pocket Ribbon

Sash, Ordeal

Sash, Brotherhood

Sash, Vigil

Vigil Pin

Jacket Patch

Hiking Medallion, Ordeal

Hiking Medallion, Brotherhood

Hiking Medallion, Vigil

OA Handbook

Fages Trail Metal

OA Troop Representative

OA Assistant Scoutmaster

OA Chapter Adviser

OA Associate Chapter Adv

OA Associate Lodge Adv

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