Wekemnayon Village (Peralta & Tres Ranchos Districts)

Welcome to Wekemnayon Village, the village of the brotherhood.  We serve all the communities of Oakland, Emeryville, Castro Valley, Hayward, San Lorenzo and San Leandro.  With a history of service that dates back to 1947 with Machek N’Gult Lodge 375, we continue to provide leadership and service to the Packs, Troops, District and Council.


Meeting Time:

  • 7:30 pm
  • Held on the third Monday of the month


Meeting Location (click on link for directions):

  • Currently held remotely on Zoom


Village Leaders:



The roots of Wekemnayon village originate back to 1965 when Achewon Nimat Lodge was formed.  At that time, each district had a village: Golden Acorn, Live Oak, Charrowood and South were the villages associated with our districts.  Over the years the districts merged and so too did the villages.  Refer to the chart regarding the Wekemnayon merger history.

Following the lodge merger in 2021, Wekemnayon was honored with the Village of the Year at the first lodge banquet on 12/04/21. During the 2022 Lodge year, all officers came from Wekemnayon village except for the Lodge Chief.



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