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All candidates or members participating in an Induction weekend or Lodge Event held at a Council camp must have on file with the lodge or submitted with their reservation a BSA Health and Medical Record (Parts A and B). Part B must be signed and dated.  There are NO exceptions for events held at a Council camp! For activities in excess of 72 hours (NOAC for instance), you must use the resident camp medical form (Parts A, B & C) and Part C must be signed and dated by a medical doctor. A copy of the current BSA Medical Form can be down loaded on the Annual Health forms page.

Click on the link to open the appropriate form for the cost of the event and registration information:

Induction Forms (New Candidates) & Links:

Event Forms & Links:

Miscellaneous Forms & Links:

  • Vigil Recommendations – this link takes you to the Vigil Recommendation page & form.
  • Lodge Member Transfer Form – this form is used when a member transfers to/from another lodge.
  • Lodge Leadership Development – this form is not yet available.
  • Lodge Officer Requirements – this document indicates the requirements for Lodge Officers
  • 2024 Village Officer Application Form – Required if running for a village office
  • 2024 Lodge Officer Application Form – Required if running for a lodge office
  • Village Chief Meeting report Form – This form is for reporting village meeting attendance to LEC.
  • BSA Health & Medical Record
  • Lodge Rules, January, 2021 – this document indicates the current rules for Yerba Buena Lodge.
  • Lodge Committee Organization Chart – this chart shows the organizational structure of the Lodge

GGAC Short Term Campsite/Facility Reservation Forms:

Winter Camp Awareness Presentations:

  • WCA – First Aid – this document discusses cold weather and high altitude first aid issues.
  • WCA – Sleeping Warm  – this document discusses sleeping bags and ways to stay warm at night.
  • WCA – Stoves and Fuel – this document talks about the safety and use of stoves and various fuels.
  • WCA – Tents and Terrain – this document talks about tents and snow shelters.
  • WCA – Winter Clothing – this document talks about staying warm in the cold.
  • WCA – Winter Foods – this document talks about various foods to keep you warm and happy.
  • WCA – Order of the Arrow Presentation – this document presents information about the OA.
  • Klondike – Equipment Packing List
  • Klondike – Sled Description and Equipment
  • Klondike – Sled Making Instructions from Boys Life
  • Klondike – 2013 Promotion Video

NOAC (National Order of the Arrow Conference) Forms & Links:

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