Lodge Committees

The Vice Chief of Unit Relations –  oversees the following committees:

  • OA Representative: This committee manages the OA Troop/Crew/Team representatives.
  • Unit Visitations: This committee acts as a contact point between the lodge and units looking for visitations.


The Vice Chief of Induction – oversees the following advancement committees:

  • Vigil: Plans and executes Vigil Ceremonies
  • Elangomat: Provides Elangomats for Inductions
  • Ceremonies: Provides Ceremony Team members for non-vigil ceremonies


The Vice Chief of Activation – oversees the following event committees:

  • Program: Plans, executes, and finds staff for fellowships
  • Council Event Support: Recruits lodge members to assist in council projects.
  • Service: Plans and executes service projects by which the lodge can benefit the community beyond scouting.


The Lodge Secretary – oversees the following clerical committees:

  • Awards: Allocates awards and special recognitions.
  • Communications: Manages the Lodge website, social media, and internal communications.


The Lodge Treasurer – oversees the following committees that consistently use lodge funds:

  • Finance: Plans quarterly and annual budgets.
  • Trading Post: Purchases items to sell to members, including patches and sashes
  • Quartermaster: Purchases and distributes all equipment necessary to lodge function
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