Lodge Leadership Development

Training is a key part of the Order of the Arrow program. The Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) is a training event designed to promote development of the Lodge’s Leadership, both youth and adult. All current lodge and village officers and advisers should attend the LLD every year. The Leadership discussions are designed to improve the function and operation of the lodge, village, and the scout/scouter’s home unit by promoting leadership and life skills. Any and all other Lodge members who are interested in learning more about the Lodge and LLD are strongly encouraged to attend this one day session.


The Essentials of Leadership

1.  Keep the Vision Clear: Organizations need a clear, compelling vision to succeed. As time goes on, our vision and associated goals can become foggy or even non-existent as the organization deals with ongoing operations or the crisis du jour. Leaders insure everyone knows what success looks like and constantly reinforces it at every opportunity.

2.  Make your Gatherings Memorable: We cannot expect a thriving, growing Lodge if our events and activities aren’t exciting to attend. This takes planning! Always put yourself in the attendee’s position, ask what would make them want to attend, and then plan backwards from there.

3.  Keep People Engaged: Leaders know how best to use individual talents both for the organization’s and participant’s success. Find out what people are passionate about; where their talents lie and give them meaningful work to do. If you can’t find someone to do a job in your organization, carefully consider whether you really need that job to be done at all. Within reason, feel free to modify a person’s job function to suit their abilities and desires.

4.  Make the Primary Pervasive: Related to #1, make sure your team keeps the important goals top-of-mind. Organizations have a tendency to get distracted easily. One way to remedy this is to discuss an important goal or a critical piece of the Vision at every LEC.

5.  Pace Yourself for the Long Term: Your health is critically important. We all have busy lives and need to avoid burn-out. Disciplined planning goes a long way towards over-working ourselves. If you feel the task is becoming too onerous, seek help from your fellow Arrowmen. Put another way, don’t suffer in silence.

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