Lodge Beads

The lodge bead recognition system was created in October 2021 to provide a visual way for members to show their participation in Lodge and Village “in-person” activities. In addition, there are patches for select awards and beads for Lodge recognitions and awards and other beads for Section, Area and/or National recognitions and awards.  

Members will be provided the materials to start over with a new necklace for the Yerba Buena Lodge including a string/leather strip and the “beads” to recognize their participation, honor, recognition, in Yerba Buena Lodge. Members who have a necklace from a legacy lodge are strongly encouraged to retire their legacy lodge necklace and beads and only wear their new Yerba Buena lodge bead necklace.   

New members will receive a leather cord and Ordeal beads upon completion of their Ordeal to start their necklace. Transferring members from another lodge will also receive a leather cord and beads recognizing their honor.  Upon request, legacy lodge members and transferring members may obtain beads for National Recognitions, and a maximum of 5 beads for National Events participation.  Members may also (in addition to the approved beads) add village and/or one or two individual items to the necklace for additional personalization.  Below are the various beads and the honors, awards, events or activities they represent.

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