Royaneh Village (Golden Gate District)

Welcome to Royaneh Village, the village of the Indian Chief. We serve all the communities of San Francisco and the northern half of Daly City. With a history of service that dates back to 1944 with Royaneh Lodge 282, we continue to provide leadership and service to the Packs, Troops, District and Council. Our village name “Royaneh” originated from Royaneh Lodge which in turn got its name from the term the San Francisco Council used in the 1940’s to describe their two council camps. The name Royaneh comes from a Scout by the name of George Hart from Troop 54 in San Francisco who won a competition in May 1925 to name the new Scout camp in Cazadero. George indicated that the meaning of the word “Royaneh” came from the Iroquois Indians that meant “Camp of Joy” or “Meeting Place of the Tribes”.

Meeting Time:

  • 7:30 PM
  • Held on the third Wednesday of the month


Meeting Location (click on link for directions):

  •   Currently held remotely on Webex


Village Leaders:

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