On Saturday, January 13th, 2023, the Order of the Arrow will be conducting our annual Winter Camp Awareness (WCA) training on the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier at Alameda point. If your troop intends to pursue winter camping or cold weather camping, this is the opportune training experience that will prepare your scouts (and leaders) to have a fun and safe time in the snow or cold.

Scouts will learn how to Sleep Warm, choose the proper Tent and Terrain, operate Stoves and Fuel, how to select Winter Foods, perform Winter First Aid, and choose the proper Winter Clothing. This training is essential and will help prepare Scouts for any winter-oriented events, whether it be the upcoming Klondike Derby (in February), your own unit-led events, or any other winter events! 

Winter Camp Awareness’ historic venue, the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, is a fascinating preservation of the nation’s history. It is a place where Scouts can go back in time and walk in the footsteps of their country’s servicemen and women. After the event, you will have the opportunity to tour the USS Hornet at your own pace.

For details and to register your unit, please click here: https://scoutingevent.com/023-OAWCA2024


You may share this with other Unit Leaders if interested.

If you have any questions, please email  [email protected]

Village Assignments:
Kaweah – Winter Foods (Group 1)
Seunen – Winter Foods (Group 2)
Kchinkwehlak – First Aid (Group 1)
Wek-Wek – First Aid (Group 2)
Swegedaigea – Sleeping Warm (Group 1 & 2)
Iowac – Tents & Terrain (Group 1)
Moluk -Tents & Terrain (Group 2)
Sem-Yeto – Stoves & Fuel (Group 1)
Royaneh – Stoves & Fuel (Group 2)
Wekemnayon – Winter Clothing (Group 1 & 2)
Lodge Chief – OA Session (Group 1 & 2)

Yours in Scouting, 
Christian Egli
[email protected]
WCA Youth Chairman
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